“Originality consists of returning to the origin”
(Antoni Gaudí)


At yuniqtrip we would like to become a reference for a new way of travelling that is more sociable and that offers a local perspective, yuniqtrip  was born from the desire to preserve our communities, and our traditions. We live in an increasingly technological world, and although beautiful, it seems that there is a gradual loss, a disappearance of traditional skills, cultures, craftsmanship and identities. It is by using technology that we want to recover, connect with, and preserve what it is that makes us uniquely human.

For that reason yuniqtrip has the vision to collaborate with society, with local communities, generating opportunities for additional income by promoting a collaborative economy related to but not exclusive to cultural, traditional, and rural activities, that have been included by the desire of yuniqtrip members of the community.


Our mission is to make every journey an unforgettable experience, by bringing visitors closer to the local culture and helping them to enjoy the best of each destination.

yuniqtrip puts at travellers' disposal the knowledge of local citizens, people who know better than anyone how to move around their city and enjoy the place where they live. Our objective is for every traveller to find a yuniq, a local friend whom they can trust, who shares a similar way of life and interests, to enjoy genuine and original activities together, or to whom they can turn to for a personalised tour itinerary adapted to their needs.

For that reason, whether you are a traveler or a local, our mission is to connect you with a host of original activities. It is a 2 way process: the aim is that every trip is a real experience of doing, feeling, and being, to discover authentic, and meaningful hands-on encounters, knowing you are contributing to the preservation of the roots of our communities, and the lives of the people. We want to contribute to, and maintain traditional and cultural heritages, providing a space, an on-line community in which people can share their skills and their passion for their craft, forged in the place they know and love.


> Quality and trustworthiness. We like things done properly, and we like to do them well. Therefore, quality care and control for each of the activities offered by our yuniqs is paramount, ensuring that you not only enjoy but get the absolute best from your experience.

> Diversity, tradition and cultural exchangeWe love cultural diversity and believe that getting to know our planet's cultures in depth and from a local perspective is the best way of enhancing mutual respect and the cultural exchange that enriches our world. We want to contribute to, and preserve cultural and traditional heritage, because through our own first-hand experiences and passion, we are aware of its importance.  We want to share this with others, because seeing something first-hand enables you to appreciate its worth.

> Social responsibility and sustainability commitment. We are all a part of the societies in which we live, and every move we make is a statement of intent. At yuniqtrip, we want to help to build a better society, where human and personal values are far above any material interest, and where care and respect for the environment are a given. We want to promote sustainable tourism that is respectful of the natural, cultural, and social environment, and can allow a beneficial exchange between the visitor and the environment.

> Reciprocity. yuniqtrip is a collaborative community that allows exchanges of skills and experiences between people who whether offering or receiving will gain from the experience, it’s win-win! The yunique trip platform provides reliable access to a variety of interesting and alternative ways to really discover your place or destination, whatever and wherever that is. You get to see a window of that person's life, experience what it feels like to be part of heritage. In exchange, people who offer their experiences get additional income for sharing their crafts.  It’s also a means by which they can continue the legacy of their practice, maybe you could be the next apprentice?