A community of leisure activities

yuniqtrip is a community connecting those who seek (yuniqers) and those who provide (yuniqs) unique leisure activities.  Whether you are a traveller, or want to discover more about the place where you live, yuniqtrip is for you.  It is a place where yuniqs share their local knowledge, passion for their crafts, steeped in traditions, history, and culture, with those who want to immerse themselves in authentic activities and experiences to discover the best each destination has to offer: by experiencing the street life, getting to know its people, feeling the history of the place, having fun, smiling and leaving with experiences that  will never be forgotten.

Because travel is not so much about seeing new places, as experiencing them to the full!

Your local expert

If you join our community, wherever you go you can count on the advice, suggestions and local perspective of resident friends who share your interests and tastes and who are ideally suited to helping you discover what most interests you.

yuniqtrip is the ultimate online source for entertainment and activities, that can enrich your trip, or your experience of living somewhere.  A marketplace full of choice, with everything from the artisanal, traditional, and cultural, to the alternative, and unique. The choice is yours, whether it’s amongst the tranquility of nature or deep in the heart of the city.  yuniqtrip is about real experiences with real people.  It’s time to move from just being somewhere, to living it, and yuniqtrip is the platform that can take you there.

Earn money

In yuniqtrip you have the opportunity to share your skills and knowledge with the rest of the world and get paid for it.  By becoming a yuniq activity host you can earn extra income, keep doing what you love, promote your own business, preserve traditions, share your passions, meet people, or develop the community you live in.  yuniqtrip is your shop window!