Old shops and artisanal workshops tour

by Javier Gutierrez

I love Madrid and its cuisine, which can be enjoyed both in their local and traditional taverns, as new establishments and markets that expand the cuisine of our wonderful city.

55.00 €
55.00 €


Discover some of the age-old shops, markets and artisanal workshops of Madrid

Meeting point: Plaza Mayor, 22, 28012 Madrid, España

  • Shopping and crafts
  • 5 - 10 people
  • 2 h.

This tour is about discovering both the craftsmanship and creation of traditional handmade products in Madrid. An example are the names of numerous streets: Bordadores, Botoneras, Cuchilleros, Panaderos, Herradores, Tintoreros, Latoneros o Ribera de Curtidores. On the tour you will visit shops, markets and age-old artisanal workshops where they are still handcrafted wineskins, candles, and goods made from esparto grass.

• A cerería: you will visit a chandlery (candle makers) that is steeped in history, and learn the traditional method of candle-making used by several generations of chandlers since 1887.

• A botería: Established in 1909, this family run business of more than three generations have manufactured traditional wineskins. The craft of wineskin making was borne out of the need for decanting, pouring, and preserving wines. The wineskins are made with a goatskin outer, removed with the hair intact, and a natural, waterproof, pine resin interior. The entire manufacturing process will be explained, and you will get to know the uses for wineskins, and how to store and care for them correctly.

• Esparteria: you will learn the history of this versatile grass: the development of the tradition, and how to work with esparto grass. You will see its many uses including clothing, tools, and everyday objects.

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55.00 €

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