Craft beer tasting

by Carolina Heredia

I love wine and beer, a world that goes beyond a beer or a glass of wine, and you'll discover in my tastings !!

25.00 €
25.00 €


Tasting craft beers and organic cheeses

Meeting point: Calle de Valverde, 29, 28004 Madrid, España

  • Cuisine and nightlife
  • 6 - 10 people
  • 2 h. 30 m.

I propose to enjoy a tasting where you learn to taste the best craft beers with an expert sommelier, we will discover an exciting world that goes far beyond a simple beer. A journey that will take us from the ancestral origins of this drink until our days when craft beers are highly popular. All this through the tasting of six different types of craft beer with a tasting of organic cheeses.

This is a wine / nonprofessional tasting, to have a good time and fun, you do not need any prior knowledge.

THINK NO MORE! Enjoy this delicious tasting with friends or couple!


- Brief history of beer, origins, the Middle Ages, beer today.

- Preparation of different types of beer:

- Beer Styles Ale

- Lager Beer Styles

- Beers Lambic and matured

- Tasting of six craft beers

- Tasting of organic cheeses.

The booking date is not final, it will be confirmed by email or phone. Should not be carried out on the reserved date an alternative date or full refund of the amount paid would be offered.

Places, dates and hours:

• Francisco Silvela Street (Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 13: 00h and at 18: 00h and a maximum of 30 people)

• Valverde Street (Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 18: 00h and a maximum 10 people)

In English it will have an extra cost if translation of 10 euros.

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25.00 €

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This yuniq speak 2 language/s: English, Spanish