Alimentación consciente

by Alipio Muñiz de Gorostiza

I am a maestriz (master and apprentice) I like the super interaction and the consciousness by which I am passionate about meeting people with the desire to learn and share their perception. I am a loving being with the life goal of harmonizing and help

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30.00 €


Look after your health with adequate food

Meeting point: Calle Real, 23, 24359 Seisón de la Vega, León, España

  • Mind & Body
  • 2 - 8 people
  • 3 h.

How to make dietary changes to improve health criteria indicating acquired for more than 13 years of experience and study in the field of vibrational power, Mucusless diet, food combining.

Includes recipes and nutritional principles, in addition to cooking you can taste a vegan menu. How do germinated, magical sauces, salads mandalas, humus, vegan tortillas, sauteed, steamed vegetables, etc.

It is done in the mill maestrices, an old mill now focused on the transformation of time in art and sharing maestrices.

Please advise well in advance to buy the ingredients

  • English

30.00 €


Is a gift

This yuniq speak 2 language/s: English, Spanish